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Monte Puliciano – La Bella Juliet (House Red)    17.95

Our own special blend of Monte Puliciano bottled just for the De Candia family 

Valpolicella, Bolla                                             21.95

Spicy flavor of cherries, berries & other dark fruits

Cabernet Sauvignon, Yellow Tail Reserve             32.95
Rich berry favors, with toasted oak &  soft velvety tannins

Cabernet Sauvignon, Folonari                                22.95

Dry and full bodied with good tannins

Cabernet Sauvignon, Rodney Strong                   46.95
 A deep red, saturated in color with aromas of black cherry & blackberry

Merlot, C.K. Mondavi                                              22.95
Hints of oak & flavors of cherries & plums

Chianti, Ruffino                                                        29.95
Aromas of fresh floral scents & cherry fruit

Chianti Classico, Carpineto                                      41.95

Intense bouquet with hints of violets, berries & cherries

Pinot Noir, Barefoot                                                24.95

Soft & supple with a plum, herb & mocha flavors

Malbee “Alamos” Mendoza – Argentina               29.95
Full bodied ripe cassis & black raspberry fruit flavors
hint of sweet spice on silky finish

Sangiovese “Remole” Marchese Di Frescobaldi    26.95
Tuscany Italy
Medium bodied sangiovese with a touch of cabernet,
easy drinking, notes of cherry & blackberry

Rosa di Montalcino – Banfi                                    43.95
A ruby red fruity bouquet of cherry & plum flowers

Pinot Noir – Melomi                                                54.95
Luxurious & dynamic aromas with faint notes of oak & vanilla

                        Wines By The Glass


             Chablis  or  Burgundy                                    5.95
            Premium                                                           7.95
featuring Redwood Creek California Wines
                 Chardonnay                          Merlot
                 Pinot Grigio                         Pinot Noir
                 Moscato                               Cabernet Sauvignon
                 White Zinfandel                 Chianti


                                     Glass     7.95  

                                Pitcher      24.95 

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                        WHITE WINE

Pinot Grigio – La Bella Juliet (House Wine)                  17.95
Our own special blend of Pinot Grigio bottled
just for the De Candia family

Pinot Grigio Cavit                                                   26.95
Elegant, crisp & light with delicate nuances of fruit

Pinot Grigio, Santa Margherita                           56.95
Intense aromas with a pleasant green apple aftertaste

Chardonnay, Cavit                                                  26.95
Delicate, aromatic bouquet & a crisp fruit-filled flavor

Chardonnay – Kendall Jackson                            37.95
Tropical floral flavors with aromas of vanilla and honey

Sauvignon Blanc, C.K. Mondavi                           21.95
Fresh fruit & citrus flavors, with a crisp, refreshing finish

Moscato, Beringer                                                  28.95
A fruity California wine with a sweet crisp finish

Riesling, Polka Dot                                                 24.95
A slowly ripened white wine with hints of peach


White Zinfandel, Sutter Home                             18.95
Bright & Lively with an off dry crisp finish

White Zinfandel, Beringer                                    26.95
Aromas & flavors of bright strawberry & light, citrus spice


Moet & Chandon                                                    75.00
Soft with a fruity finish, evoking peach

Domaine St. Michelle                                           30.00
Aromas of pear & pineapple with hints of toasted coconut


Budweiser                 3.95                     Corona                 4.75
Coors Light               4.75                     O’Doul’s               3.75
Heineken                  4.75                    Peroni                   4.75
Heineken Light        4.75                   Samual Adams      4.75

Bud     2.75    Samual Adams      4.50    Blue Moon      4.75
                         (also available by the Pitcher)


Acqua Panna (Large)                                                        5.95
San Pellegrino (Large)                                                     6.95             

Soft Drinks                                                                        1.75
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7UP, Ginger Ale, Orange Slice,
Pink Lemonade, Iced Tea (sweetened & (unsweetened)          Manhattan Special                                                           2.50