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Calamari & Shrimp Items Available Steamed – Please Specify to Your Server
All Lenny’s Clam Bar House Specialties are Served with Lenny’s Famous Sweet, Medium or Hot Sauce

SCUNGILLI & FRIED SHRIMP                                   22.95
FRIED SCALLOPS & FRIED SHRIMP                     24.95


FRIED CALAMARI & FRIED SHRIMP                     21.95
FRIED CALAMARI & SCUNGILLI                              22.95
LINGUINE & FRIED SHRIMP                                    16.95
LINGUINE & MUSSELS                                              10.95
LINGUINE &FRIED CALAMARI                                 16.95


SNOW CRAB LEGS                                                     28.95
a large portion of steamed snow crab legs

SNOW CRAB LEGS and SHRIMP SCAMPI           29.95

SNOW CRAB LEGS and breaded LOBSTER TAIL   34.95

SNOW CRAB LEGS and RIB                                      32.95

SNOW CRAB LEGS and SHELL STEAK                  34.95

FRIED FILET OF SOLE                                                18.95
breaded filet of sole served with tartar sauce

and lemon

BROILED FILET OF SOLE                                          23.95
filet of sole broiled in lemon, wine & butter

FILET OF SOLE OREGANATA                                    24.95
filet of sole topped with our specially seasoned


LOBSTER TAILS (Breaded and Baked)
                                               Single tail                          19.95
                                               Twin tails                          32.95

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Entrees Below Served with Salad and Linguine

 CALAMARI MARINARA  tender calamari sautéed in a marinara sauce                                                   21.95
  SEAFOOD MARINARA  shrimp, mussels, scungilli and calamari sautéed in a marinara sauce            24.95
 SHRIMP PARMIGIANA   breaded fantail shrimp, baked with sauce and mozzarella                             19.95

                                               SEAFOOD FRA DIAVOLO (A feast for two)               42.95
                  one lobster tail, shrimp, clams, calamari, scungilli and mussels, sautéed in a spicy marinara sauce
                                                            add another lobster tail for 18.95 extra

                                                       LOBSTER TAILL FRA DIAVOLO              24.95
                                        a lobster tail, shrimp & clams sautéed in a spicy marinara sauce 

                                                                  LENNY’S SPECIAL               23.95
                                                      Breaded and baked lobster tail, shrimp and clams

SHRIMP SCAMPI over RICE                                      21.95
large shrimp, seasoned in butter, garlic, wine & lemon

STUFFED SHRIMP                                                      21.95
With crabmeat in a lemon wine butter sauce

FRIED BUTTERFLY SHRIMP                                    19.95
large breaded fantail shrimp served with tartar
sauce and lemon

FRIED SCALLOPS                                                         24.95
fresh breaded sea scallops served with tartar sauce and lemon

BROILED SCALLOPS                                                  24.95
fresh sea scallops broiled in a lemon 

butter wine sauce

FRIED CLAMS clam strips                                           14.95

BROILED NORWEGIAN SALMON                           24.95
fresh Norwegian salmon broiled in lemon,

wine & butter

CAPTAIN’S PLATTER (Broiled or Fried)                    24.95
a combination of filet of sole, scallops and shrimp 


Entrees Served with Salad, Vegetable and Potato

 FRIED CALAMARI squid lightly battered                    Regular 14.95                Large 22.95
 FRIED SHRIMP medium shrimp lightly battered       Regular 15.95                Large 22.95
 SCUNGILLI steamed conch                                            Regular 16.95                 Large 22.95
 MUSSELS On Half Shell PEI steamed mussels          Regular 8.95                 Large 13.95

All Lenny’s Clam Bar House Specialties are Served with

Lenny’s Famous Sweet, Medium or Hot Sauce