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SAUSAGE AND PEPPERS ROMANA                     18.95
a combination of hot and sweet sausages sautéed with red

and green peppers in a light marinara sauce over rigatoni 

Broccoli Add Extra 2.00  |  Chicken Add Extra 4.00  |  Shrimp Add Extra 7.00

TORTELLINI ALFREDO                                               18.95
cheese filled tortellini in our special cheese
and cream cheese

ANGEL HAIR BOLOGNESE                                        18.95
angel hair pasta served with red meat sauce

FETTUCCINI ALFREDO                                               18.95
fettuccini cooked in our special cheese 

and cream sauce

BAKED ZITI                                                                   16.95
ziti pasta baked in ricotta cheese and sauce,
topped with mozzarella cheese
LASAGNA                                                                       17.95
Meat and cheese stacked high with pasta and
Baked with mozzarella cheese and sauce

linguine with fresh clams, cooked in g

arlic and spices

LINGUINE WITH GARLIC AND OIL                             13.95
linguine with sautéed fresh garlic and oil

PENNE ALLA VODKA                                                   18.95
penne pasta served with our special recipe
and topped with a little red prosciutto sauce

PENNE AND BROCCOLI                                             16.95
penne pasta and fresh broccoli in a
light garlic and oil

CHEESE RAVIOLI                                                         16.95
Jumbo homemade ravioli in a red sauce


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